How much does a security system cost?

Someone asked me this question yesterday about a security system and I asked them how much does a car cost? It depends on the brand, year, features, quality and the monthly payment depends on how much they put down as a deposit and how many years the loan is for and their credit history will determine the interest rate in most cases.

Some of the factors that can help determine the cost of your security system are:

  1. How many points do you need on your system? How many doors, motions, windows that need contacts, glass break sensors, panic buttons, water sensors, temperature sensors, smoke detectors, garage door control, lighting control etc…. Once you give the alarm company the list of exactly what points need to be covered they can price out a system.

  2. Quality of the system will also determine the price. If the system is encrypted and if the quality is a high quality system the cost will be a bit more just like the difference between two types of cars where one may cost 13K and another may cost more but there are reasons in the cost difference. A power g security system will also give you a much better range than one that is not power g. The frequency is on the 900mhz frequency range rather than in the 300 range. The brand of the equipment will also determine the final cost.

  3. If you sign up for a 3 year agreement or a 5 year agreement is also a large factor that will determine the final cost.

  4. Beware of companies that tell you the system is free because security companies are in business to make money and if they tell you it is free understand that you will end up paying for it in the long run with either a higher monthly cost or for a longer contract term such as the 5 years.

  5. A typical monthly monitoring charge from Peak Alarm will be around $49 per month and if you want to add a maintenance add on or Alarm Response for $10 per month or camera control then the cost can vary but normal security or fire alarm monitoring is right around $49 per month. If you have a current alarm system that is being monitored over phone lines the cost can be less but understand you most likely are paying the phone company around $50 per analog phone line so you will save money to upgrade to cellular or radio service.

  6. There are other articles I have written about designing security systems and where specific protection may be needed such as motions and the type of those motion detectors but this blog gives you a general idea of some of the things that will determine the cost of your alarm system.

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