I have canceled my phone or intend to cancel my telephone service is this an issue for my alarm system?

Most of the older alarm systems communicated over analog telephone lines and many systems can have a cell communicator or radio added to them so you can cancel your phone line. Very old systems may need to be upgraded to accomplish this and I would be happy to come to your site or facility in Utah to help you with this. 



Many companies offer free equipment how does that work?

In this life nothing really is free, you either pay now or pay later. Some companies extend their contracts to be 60 month agreements and other companies charge more per month but you end up paying for the equipment either way. Do the math to see what you really are paying. 

Paying $45 dollars with Peak Alarm for 36 months is $1,620.00 whereas $45 dollars with another company for 60 months is $2,700.00  although most of those companies charge more than $45 per month.  


What is better a hardwired system or a wireless system?

I would rather install a hardwired system although depending on the situation and the ability to get wires where you need them it may not be possible.  Buying the correct wireless system is important, specific brands like Qolsys and DMP offer encryption and more secure methods and equipment. 



What does an alarm system cost?

What does monitoring cost per month?

Both of these questions are like asking a car salesman what a car costs and the answer would be that depends on what type, brand, model and quality car you want. That is the same with alarm systems. I will come to your home or business and find out what you need and give you a reasonable quote based on your needs not based on a cookie cutter price sheet. 

Typically monitoring costs from $45 to $55  per month although that depends on what services you require. Just phone line monitoring could cost you $26 dollars per month. Cellular monitoring adds $15 per month and Peak offers packages and bundling when you get additional services. 


What is better Radio, cellular, internet or phone line communications?

I won't say any of them are better because they all have their differences. If a phone line or internet connection is cut the alarm panel will not send any signals so radio or cell are more secure since they both have their own battery backup.  With cellular you get the ability to arm and disarm your system remotely on security systems with radio and phone you do not. With internet communications on specific panels you can have the ability to arm and disarm remotely. 


Aren't all Alarm Companies basically the same?

No they are not, many alarm companies focus just on quick in and out residential systems where often the contacts are just held on by sticky tape and many of these companies hire people with little or no experience in the alarm industry. Often the people they hire do not go through background checks. At Peak Alarm every tech, every salesman and even the office employees go through an FBI background check and get licensed. Ask to see their blue and white State burglar alarm agent licence before doing business with them.