7 Secrets the alarm industry doesn't want you to know

First off I will credit the title of this to an article recently posted on my companies web site and you may reference it to read more about each of these secrets or tactics, secondly I will condense them down to a shorter article.

  1. Security cameras and systems can be hacked or remotely controlled.

  2. Inexperienced college kids go out during the summer selling security systems, often they are not licensed or vetted and they have very little knowledge or follow a script.

  3. Affiliate marketing review sites will publish lists of the top ten or top five or the best security companies in your area, what you need to be aware of is that these companies charge to be placed on these lists and many companies that pay to be on these lists may have thousands of complaints on the Better Business Bureau or are currently being sued in several states yet they still get on the best company lists.

  4. Often the hardware is of a lessor quality or has vulnerabilities. Basically you get what you pay for. If you look at the cameras that the Large Big Box stores have installed in their own facilities you will note that those are not the same systems they sell.

  5. Most of the time the security monitoring is farmed out to a 3rd party company and some are even overseas. Sometimes the companies don’t even offer a guard patrol service in areas where the police don’t respond and if they do often those services are also 3rd party companies.

  6. Companies lie about their credentials, verify those claims. Peak Alarm is licensed, insured, has their own UL listed Central Station that is also a 5 diamond rated facility, Peak has their own Guard/Patrol company and an AV division and Peak has been in business for 50 years.

  7. Many companies are not licensed to operate in your community. Don’t just ask for their company ID card but ask for the Utah State Burglar Agent License which is blue and white and issued by DOPL and ask for a copy of their drivers license to match it against that. At Peak every salesman carries this license with him or her at all times.

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