Property Managers 

As Property Managers you have allot on your plate in fact often you are balancing many plates.  I have written a guide for alarms systems just for Property Managers that will allow you to go right to the section that you have questions about. Please email me or call me and I will get you a copy of this report. (801) 428 1384 is the direct office number or (801) 898 6003 is Larry’s cellular phone number.

I have included a copy of the text here just click the button that says alarms made easy below.

If you have a building that needs to monitor the flow and tamper for the fire sprinkler system I can help you with that. If you need a security system for an empty building or one with tenants in it or your own building I can also help you with that.

  1. When you call to get pricing on a security, fire alarm, access control or camera system be ready to provide a set of plans and specifications if possible so the system can be designed properly. If you don’t provide the contractor with any criteria you will get different price ranges.

  2. It’s just like going to a car dealership and asking how much a car cost? They most likely will just laugh at you because it depends on the quality, brand, year, features and other factors before they can give you a price. If you want the least expensive system say so or if you want to spend a bit more for a higher quality system let the contractor know that too.

  3. The same goes with security, if you just want the least expensive system tell the contractor that, otherwise discuss topics such as whether or not you want the system to be hardwired, wireless, encrypted or not encrypted and how much protection you want or just the basics.

  4. Provide the contractor with a list of specifications on each system such as how many MP mega pixels (Resolution) you would like for your cameras, do you want verifocal or fixed cameras, provide the requirements that you would like on the recorder (NVR) such as how many days of storage you need on the recorder. Contractors can give you pricing on entry level, midrange or high end camera systems.

  5. The same would apply on security and access systems or fire alarm although with fire alarms they need to design the system to code.

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