Larry in Quartet

Quartet in Salt Lake City

This was done a few years ago. It’s quite fun singing in a small group. Daniel Tuutau has a Doctorate Degree in Music and is incredible. The two women are also wonderful vocalists. When you hang around good vocalists they rub off on you. Recently I was also in a nondenominational choir which was loads of fun and a Christmas Choir as well. This is another hobby that I do in my free time when I am not selling commercial alarm systems.

Karate class

Karate Community service

For the past 20 years Larry has taught free self defense classes to women, girls and boys in the neighborhood that could not afford to pay. Most of the time Larry taught these classes on SAT mornings and until recently he had ongoing students although most youth don’t want to wake up early on SAT so Larry has not been teaching near as much. Larry got his brown belt years ago and he has taken other styles. Now it is just a hobby. There are a few more videos of Larry’s classes on youtube. These videos were done for a few students that missed classes and needed to catch up. Larry does not teach professionally nor does he claim to be an expert. After students reach a level where they have an interest Larry encourages them to take classes at a dojo and pursue their learning with professional instructors. This class is not meant to be an open class but an example of Larry’s teaching.

Inner City youth project

Inner City youth in Salt Lake

We work with inner city youth twice a week.  Last week we got ice cream and took them to the park to discuss insurance specifically rental, homeowners, life, car insurance and the different types of each. 

These youth all come from low income homes and most of their parents work two jobs. We had 9 at the park but sometimes we have up to 16.  Our goal is to teach life skills and help them prepare to go out on their own.  This next year we plan on taking them to concerts and museums. We try to do a fun activity and include some life skills training as well. 

Update: Three weeks ago we took them to the fire station and last week to the 911 dispatch center to learn about career opportunities. One wants to be a fireman, one wants to be a policeman, one wants to be a veterinarian and the rest are undecided.  

We appreciate any donations that way we can have a bit of help for the activities. 


Larry Love 



Larry is a Peak Alarm Systems Consultant

Who is Larry Love

More than just a salesman

Larry Love has been in the Alarm Industry for over 20 years dealing with residential and commercial alarm systems.

Larry holds certifications from various alarm systems such as Bosch, DMP, AXIS Cameras and others. Larry keeps up with the latest technology and just recently retook the exam for AXIS cameras. (3 hour test) 

Larry is a Master Fire Alarm Tech with the State of Utah Fire Marshall.  Larry is also a NICET II Certified Tech #107204 in Fire Alarm. 

Larry strives to give back to the community being involved in the Boy Scout program as well as being a volunteer Police Chaplain with Unified Police of Greater Salt Lake, The Salt Lake City Police Department and VECC emergency call center as an on call Chaplain.  Larry also teaches periodic CERT classes for Salt Lake Emergency Management in English and Spanish.

Larry appreciates music and enjoys singing and playing clarinet and piano. Besides music Larry enjoys hiking and being with the family. Larry currently has 5 grandchildren and 5 children. 

Work History

Larry Love started out in the Security Industry as an armed security guard for Davis Security in 1982 and was promoted to a patrol supervisor over 100 guards. Larry also joined the Army Utah National Guard as a Military Policeman in 1982 and completed basic training and advanced training in Alabama. Larry served a religious mission in Guatemala 1983-84 where he learned to Speak Spanish.  Larry worked at OC Tanner for 10 years and  In 1996 Larry began work with FSS Fire and Security Specialists where he worked till 1998 after which he was offered a position with American Security & Fire, Inc. where he was a Sales Manager and a VP for 16 years.  Larry began working at Peak Alarm in Sales in 2014 . Larry also sat on the DOPL Alarm board from 2004 to 2011 as well as the Utah Construction Committee. Larry was appointed to the Alarm board by the acting Governor. Larry has also served as a county and state delegate. Currently Larry is a volunteer non denominational Chaplain for Unified Police Department.  

Larry also belongs to the Interfaithroundtable which is a group made up of many religions to help bring unity through regular interaction with each other. 

 Larry knows about alarm systems, fire alarm and can assist you with your project no matter the size.

You may call Larry directly at (801) 428 1384 or the main office number is (801) 486 7231

You may call Larry's cell phone (801 898 6003 or email at 




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Only Alarm company in the State of Utah that has their own Central Station and Guard Division

Peak Alarm employees over 300 local people 

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