Getting rid of your analog phone line?

If your security system uses an analog phone line and you turn it off the security system will no longer communicate unless you have a radio or cellular communicator installed.

Most people are getting rid of their phone lines because they are using their cell phones instead.

Analog POTS (Plain Old Telephone Lines) can be cut often from outside the home or business and the alarm system can be defeated. Many of the phone companies are using digital lines or VOIP lines and analog phone lines normally cost around $50 per month.

Installing a cell phone mounted to the wall or in the security system panel will allow you to get rid of your analog phone line thereby saving you money.

Often we can upgrade your older panel so you can remotely arm and disarm your alarm system using your smart phone..

Monthly monitoring costs vary depending on the services that you decide on although the monthly cost is around $50 per month. Canceling your phone line will normally save you between $35 and $60 per month.

Contact Larry Love (801) 428 1384 to have a cell phone added to your alarm system

The cost of the cell phone will depend on the brand of alarm panel that you have, the needed upgrades and the length of the contract. If you sign a month to month agreement the cost is higher than if you sign a 36 month agreement. Normally adding a cellular communicator only adds $15 or $20 per month to your monitoring bill. Exact pricing can be determined after a site visit and an evaluation.