Statistics and tips to protect you and your home

Most break ins occur during the day

You are 300% more likely to be broken into if you do not have a security system

When you answer the door it is best if you are on the phone or that you pretend you are on the phone hence the burglar will be less likely to force their way in knowing the police would be sent by the person you are talking to.

83% of burglars admitted to looking to see if there was an alarm system before picking them homes they would break into.

It is smart to replace old locks with new ones that are high security locks that are harder to defeat, install new outside lighting, trim your bushes and lock your doors and windows at night. Here is a link to a web site that can give you additional items to do and to watch for.

When you buy an alarm system it is best to get an encrypted alarm system. Peak Alarm sells both DMP and Qolsys both of which are high security encrypted systems.

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