Is price your only factor?

  1. People that buy based only on the lowest price often end up with buyer remorse a bit too late.

  2. Companies that tell you that the equipment is free are playing an age old game of pay now or pay later and when you do the math they normally charge you more per month and for more months. Often their contracts are 5 years instead of the 3 year that Peak offers.

  3. Paying a bit more upfront often will get you a lower monthly fee. Two of my children both got the same phone and one paid $199 and entered into a longer contract with higher monthly fees and the other child paid $599 and paid less per month and for a shorter contract.

  4. Many of the security companies that offer lower monthly rates do not offer encrypted alarm systems, DMP and Qolsys both have encrypted systems to reduce your risk of being hacked which happens more often now that the internet shows people how to hack security systems.

  5. Both Qolsys and DMP offer 900 mhz wireless encrypted systems. Both can be disarmed using your smart phones.

  6. Call Larry Love for a person site visit and there is no charge for the site visit. (801) 428 1384