Camera options

Peak can install different types of camera systems.

Many companies install wireless cameras as part of your security system and Peak can also do this or offer you a hardwired option for the cameras.

  1. When wireless cameras are installed most of them still need to be powered. The battery operated ones have to have the batteries replaced quite often so we do not sell this option.

  2. The wireless cameras should have a 120v power source within 6 or so feet of the camera.

  3. The wireless signal needs to be quite strong at the camera location and you should have 2.5mbs upload speed.

  4. Many of these wireless camera systems are just for live view and a limited number of clips on alarm unless an SVR recorder is added which we can do. Typically the monthly cost of wireless cameras tied into your security system adds 18 to 20 per month for one to four cameras.

  5. Installation of a hardwired camera system with the Monitor, the NVR recorder, the cameras the coax and the labor is the option I prefer to sell since there is no monthly cost to the customer unless they want to add an extended warranty.

  6. The cost of the system depends on how many days of storage they want on the NVR recorder, the resolution MP and type of cameras. Call Larry for a no cost site visit to give you pricing. (801) 428 1384

  7. Many companies will tell you that you are getting free equipment although often they will lock you into a more expensive contract and for a longer term so you end up paying more than you would with Peak, do the math before you buy.

  8. When we install a wireless camera system tied to your security app there is a monthly fee and you can see the cameras on the same app, when we install a hardwired system you will use a separate app but you will not have a monthly fee.