Reading the fine print on a competitors advertising sheet

I was reading the flyer for a main competitor today and here are a few of the items that you will find in the fine print:

  1. In BOLD it says FREE home Security System and it says no cost for parts and system activation. It does say you need to pay $99 dollars for the installation and sign a 36 month agreement. So you are looking at over $1,430 in 36 months. Research was done and they found that the techs did not sell these systems hardly ever because they talked you into an upgrade which costs more per month to get the remote arm/disarm features.

  2. This system shows an arm disarm fob and a touch screen but that is not the panel that comes with the system and it comes with 2 contacts and one motion detector.

  3. If you want the touch screen that is shown you need to pay an additional $289.00

  4. Basic system is $36.99 per month for 36 months - THIS BASIC SYSTEM REQUIRES LANDLINE PHONE. This means an analog phone line which normally will cost you from 35 to 50 per month from your phone company. The phone line could be cut and the system would not send signals so this option is not recommended.

  5. Look this company up on the Better Business Bureau because they have thousands of complains and some of the larger dealers have gotten into trouble for their sales practices so check the BBB and their other reviews online..

  6. . Their ad says they will give you a free doorbell camera and an indoor camera and an amazon dot as well with a value of over $500 but you need to pay $500 installation and the monthly fee is $60 per month for 36 months. Be careful because many of these companies lock you into a 5 year contact instead of 3 year. The free system then turned into $2,660 +

  7. It also says that additional fees may need to be added in certain areas so read your contract carefully since many of these do not include alarm response so you will be charged for guard if the police do not respond. Police do not respond in Salt Lake or West Valley City and Peak Alarm has a Guard and Patrol Division but the other alarm companies third party those services out.

  8. Remember the saying “There is no such thing as a free lunch, you either pay now or pay later”. Peak Alarm is still in business after 50 years because we do not do the free systems. Typically our monitoring fees are a bit lower and we offer more services since we are local.

Peak Alarm offers the touch screen and the elite control as standard so you don’t pay the extra $289 for the touch screen nor do you have to have a phone line.

Call Larry Love and he will come out and give you a bid at no charge. (801) 428 1384 cell (801) 898 6003