Security contracts explained

When you sign a longer term security contract the equipment is subsidized. This means that the security company will give you the system upfront for less money than you would normally pay, it’s like getting a 700 dollar phone for 199.00 if you sign a contract. Two of my children both bought the same phone, one for 199 and one for 499 and they got the same phone and one paid more per month and one paid less per month because they paid more upfront.

Be careful because some companies will charge you more per month and for a longer term.

Peak Alarm contracts are normally 36 months where many companies are 60.

A normal monitoring rate is about $45 per month which is cellular monitoring. Times the amount per month by the quantity of months to make a comparison.

Some companies will tell you they will give you free equipment but nothing is really free, you either pay now or later. It’s the same with a cell phone you may pay more per month or for a longer contract time.

Peak Alarm can do 24 or 12 month agreements or even a month to month agreement although you would need to pay the fee to roll the truck and the tech fee.

EXAMPLE ONE PEAK ALARM: $45 per month times 36 months is $1,620.00 plus say a $199 installation fee so the total would be $1,819.00 for the entire contract and you would own the system and Peak does not do credit checks like other companies.

EXAMPLE TWO: $45 per month for 60 months with free equipment is $2,700.00 so you actually spend over 800 dollars more for free equipment than you would by paying a small amount down. This example is at $45 per month but many of them that give you the free equipment charge a higher rate around $70 per month for 60 months which is $4,200.00 dollars which end up being over $2,300 dollars more for free equipment so you can see it does not end up being free.

Many companies have their central stations out of state and when they call you they don’t know the city they don’t know the local police so often there are issues. In Salt Lake City and West Valley the police do not respond so Peak can send a marked security car with a uniformed guard to your home for a small fee. Be careful to verify what the other company will do because many of those companies use third party guard companies instead of their own guards like Peak does.

Call (801) 898 6003 on his cell phone or (801) 428 1384 direct number

Normal phone line monitoring is right around $30 per month

Cellular monitoring is right about $45 per month ($15 more)

With Alarm Response or Guard service response adds $10 per month

There are other services that can be added to these prices for high security monitoring and other services such as elevator monitoring, web access, schedules, opening and closing and other services depending on your needs. You can find less expensive monitoring on the internet although often you get what you pay for and sometimes those security systems you get online can be defeated easily or hacked so do your research before you buy.

Peak Alarm has been in business for 50 years

Peak Alarm is local and has a guard division, AV division, Alarm division and a local central station

Peak Alarm hires 300+ local employees in five offices and is a family owned business

Larry Love has been in this industry for over 20 years and can help with fire alarm, security, cameras, access control or intercom.