Solving everyday concerns

After a leak occurs people begin to take precautions such as installing temp and water sensors on their security system.

After a personal disaster people are worried about their pipes freezing and the when they thaw out they burst and leak.

Others are worried about burglars breaking in.

Installing temperature sensors and water sensors can give you peace of mind while you are on vacation.

A temperature sensor that activates at 41 degrees F can alert our central station of the issue and we can call someone to go check on your home so they can get the heat back on before the pipes freeze.

Water sensors placed in areas such as mechanical rooms, in the water heater location and other areas can alert you before a flood becomes a big issue.

Smoke detectors, heat detectors, gas detectors and CO detectors can protect your loved ones.

Often insurance companies will give you a discount for having these types of detectors.

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