Talk to an expert not just a salesman

IT’S NOT REALLY FREE when it costs more than double.

It always drove me nuts to answer the door and let the vacuum salesperson into my home only to find they did not leave for 2 hours. Sure we got a free gift but we never got those two hours back and many people ended up spending 1,500 or over $2,000 on a new gadget that sits in closet most of the time.

I have been doing this alarm gig for over 20 years and I try to stay up on all the new technology and it is worth you time to get the real scoop about alarms rather than just buying from the company that offers you so called FREE equipment.

FREE EQUIPMENT and $72 dollar a month payments for 5 years = $4,320.00

PEAK ALARM $169.00 Panel, Cell communicator, 3 Door or Window Status switches and a motion detector installed and $49 per month for 36 months which totals $1,764.00 and $169 deposit = $1,933.00 (LESS THAN HALF THE SO CALLED FREE SYSTEM)

Don’t fall for it, look them up on the Better Business Bureau first. Do some research and then make a decision. Don’t be pushed into the deal that is only for today, that is not the way it is.

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