Sales pitch, really?

What is in a sales pitch for alarm systems in Utah

With door to door alarm sales people coming by every so often I thought I would give you my sales pitch online. I won't tell you that Peak Alarm is the only company that can meet your needs although Peak is a great company. 

Peak Alarm does not hire and train people to go door to door because we are in a different market and we are not high pressure like many sales people. 

When I come out to your home or business I would like to know your challenges and what you want to accomplish if Peak Alarm cannot meet your budget or help you we can recommend another company that may be able to. 

Here is a list that most salespeople touch on, many concentrate on one or two areas: 

1. Features of their product and how cool it is and what it can do for you! Long life batteries, Panel takes a picture of who disarms, flood sensors can alert you before there is a big problem, temp sensors alert you before pipes freeze, smoke detectors alert the fire department which can save life’s since many people don't wake up but die of smoke inhalation. You can arm and disarm using your phone or shut the garage door remotely. You can be alerted if you left the stove on blah blah blah......

2. Benefits of the product and service.  Peace of mind, insurance discounts, knowing what is going on when your gone and the list goes on. There often are overlaps on features and benefits. 

3. Product information such as Brand information, data sheets, pictures. Whenever you need information such as this just ask, otherwise we don't want to overwhelm you with something you may not want or need. 

4. Company information such as being a family business and in business since 1969, employer of over 300 local people. The only alarm company in the area with an alarm division, a full service guard and patrol company to respond to alarms when the police won't, a UL listed Central Station and a full service AV company all in one. 

5. Employees you can count on and enough of them. When you go with a very small company they have lower overhead and I was part of a 5 person alarm company for years, we hired a different company to do our alarm monitoring and a different company to provide guard response and when a tech was sick, on vacation or stuck helping another customer people just had to wait longer.  With a large company we don't have as many issues because we have a much larger team. 

6. Employees that are licensed, trained in the latest technology and up to date so they can help you learn and solve your challenges. A company that has experience and can handle the larger and smaller projects has it's benefits. Having confidence in your alarm company is important. We want you to be a long time customer. 

7. Price lock for senior citizens so you don't have ongoing price increases. This may change in the future but currently the owner of our company is allowing this discount and it is a great thing. 

8. Peak Alarm does not do credit checks like most companies do. We do have an agreement that we have you sign and we can do different contract lengths although 36 months is the most common since we can subsidize part of the cost over time.  Many companies do 60 months and they claim to give you free equipment, what they are really doing is charging you almost double and often their monthly rate is higher so do the math with both options. Peak has stayed in business because we get down payments and don't claim to give away free equipment.

9. Personally I don't want to waste your time or mine so if our company, our product, our services or our pricing is not a good fit for you we can help you find someone that is. Peak does what we do well and we are set up in such a way as to be successful. We are not always the lowest price although we have reasons for this because of the training we give our employees, the quality equipment we use and when you call for service we are not several weeks out like many companies we normally can get you service within a weeks’ time. 

Ending on a positive note, Peak Alarm is a great local family business that pays their taxes, employees locally and does things the right way.  Contact Larry Love and he can make an appointment to visit your home or business for a site visit in the Wasatch Front area or in Idaho or Southern Utah he can get one of the other offices involved. Call (801) 428 1384  or on his cell (801) 898 6003

Below is a link to Larry's web site where you can find product information, benefits, features and more about Larry and Peak Alarm. 



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