Maintaining your system

Service your Alarm System just like you would your car and it will last longer and function better.

1. Test your system periodically.  Call dispatch to put your system in testing using your password and call back to confirm the points you tested were received in the order you set them off. 

2. When you decide the four digit codes you will use to arm and disarm chose one that is not easy to guess avoiding numbers such as 3344, 6969, 2468 or any birth years such as 1964, 1975 etc... it is then best to change your codes every few months and make sure you cancel codes of people that no longer live there or no longer work there. 

3. Check your batteries visually every month and the main panel batteries should be replaced every 2-3 years. 

4. Check your doors and windows where the contacts are mounted to make sure no one has mounted thin magnets on the door frame or window frames or tampered with any of the other devices. 

5. After an alarm you will need to arm and disarm you panel to get it to reset. If there is a trouble write what the panel says on the keypad and you can call our service department for additional instructions. If there is a battery trouble you can change the battery or batteries and reset the panel and the trouble should clear. 

6. If there are any wires that are worn down or cut they will need to be repaired. 

7. If you have any smoke detectors they should be cleaned periodically and tested as well. 

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