Make a plan to design your security system

Make a plan to design your alarm system

First answer a few important questions and then write down what is most important to you. 

Q1.  Are you more concerned about security while you are away from home or while your home? This will help you decide if just a few motion detectors will be needed or if you will want all the windows that open that are accessible to have status switches on them. 

Q2. Will your insurance company give you a discount or will they require specific devices such as temperature sensors, smoke detectors that alert the fire department, fire sprinkler flow tie in and flood sensors.

Q3. Do you have special areas that need to be armed or protected such as guns rooms or cabinets, art work, expensive wine, cigar collections (humidity sensors) 

Here is a list of specific sensors, detectors or other items and you can decide which ones are most important to you. If you just want a simple system with door contacts and some trap motions we can help with that. 

1. Perimeter protection such as door status switches and window sensors. Glass break sensors can be placed inside within 25 feet of the glass. Shock sensors are used by some although we don't recommend them on most installations. 

2. Motion detectors for inside projection. Normally we recommend motion detectors in trap areas or areas that will catch someone in high traffic areas such as coming up and down the stairs or in areas where most likely a burglar would pass by. You don't need motions in every room of the home or business unless you feel that they may break into one room, take valuable items and then leave without going into more rooms. 

3. If you will be installing a motion in a non heated garage we have special equipment that is rated for low temperatures.  Understand that when you get into specialized equipment that it is not the least expensive equipment. 

4. Items that can protect you 24 hours a day 7 days a week are FLOOD sensors, Temperature sensors, Humidity sensors, Smoke Detectors, CO Detectors, Gas detectors, Tie to Fire Sprinkler systems to monitor the flow and tamper switches. 

5. Control of lighting, garage door control to open or shut the door remotely or check if it is open. Sensors that can be placed on your guns like trigger guards that have motion sensors built into the trigger locks, devices that can be placed on your stove knobs to let you know if the stove was left on or not.  Control of thermostats,  cameras can be added to the system to view remotely with your phones.

6. Panic buttons either medical or panics that will dispatch the police.  We have fobs that can arm and disarm your system and some of them have status switches on them to tell you if the system is armed or not. If you lose one of these fobs someone could arm and disarm your system using these buttons. .  Keep in mind that most of the systems we install now can be armed or disarmed using your smart phones. 

7. Our president of our company has his sprinkling system for his yard tied into the alarm system and he has his lighting as well as security. He also had his rock fountain tied into the system.  

This is not a complete list although it should help you make a plan to outline what is most important for you. Obviously it will be more expensive to tie every window and every door into your alarm system. I personally like having contacts on the windows because it will tell you if one has been left open.  Note: We also have special contacts that allow you to open the window up to 4 or 5 inches to allow air in and if it opens any more than that the alarm will activate. 

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