Pricing example for a small home

Pricing example from a Peak Alarm salesman in Utah

Call for actual pricing since each project is different and your install payment can be lower if you pay a higher monthly payment and we can come to your home or business to give you pricing.

Touch screen panel with built in cellular communicator, glass break, camera, siren and backup battery (Can be dual path with LTE cell and WIFI)

3 Door Contacts

1 Motion Detector

$260.00 Installation and $40.00 per month which includes remote arm and disarm using your smart phone.

This is a 3 year agreement whereas many companies want you to sign a 60 month agreement and they charge you more per month and for more months. (They say they are giving you free equipment but if you add up their entire contract often it is almost double the cost)

Peak Alarm $40 per month for 36 months plus $260 install = $1,700 total

Competitor $60 per month for 60 months = $3,600 total

This is over double but they tell you that you are getting free equipment.

Do the math before you buy, check the Better Business Bureau before you buy. Call (801) 428 1384 or on his cell (801) 898 6003 to do a comparison. If you add thermostats, lighting control, garage door control, water sensors, flood sensors or additional devices the price of the job will change. We want your business for the long term not just for the quick sell.

Monthly charges can vary depending on which services you require. If you need an alarm response where a uniformed guard comes to your home or business in a marked car because the police will not respond in Salt Lake City or West Valley City that is $10.00 extra per month.

Here at Peak Alarm we normally don’t do cookie cutter pricing since each home is different and there are different pricing factors , such as a large home would require wireless repeaters and such. This is based off a 2000 square foot home.

Keep in mind that this is an example only, we have different brands of systems and all of them have different price points. The above examples is based off of a basic Qolsys system, if we were to use the Power G Qolsys system the cost would be a bit higher, if we were to use the DMP wireless system the cost would also be higher. If we were to raise your monthly monitoring fee we could lower the installation cost. Normally we do not do the 60 month agreements although each situation is different. If you are only going to be in the home or business for 12 months we can do a 12 month contract or 24 months.

Also when you as a Peak customer refer a friend and they purchase a Peak Alarm system with monitoring we will provide you with a $75 dollar credit towards your monitoring bill as long as the offer is valid.

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