DMP for your larger home

DMP high high power 900 mhz frequency wireless

Larger homes that require wireless systems are often a challenge.  Using DMP wireless has several benefits including it's longer range high power wireless in the 900 mhz frequency, frequency hopping to prevent hackers and DMP is also approved for government projects.

Many of the other wireless systems have repeaters available although most of them only talk to the panel and they do not communicate to each other although DMP has repeaters that communicate to the panel and to each other making difficult installations much easier when you cannot install wire. Recently Larry sold a system in Park City Utah where the insurance company required temperature sensors be installed into a 33,000 square foot home and DMP worked like a charm.  Many of the out of the box wireless systems are great for 3,000 SF homes and some of the new Power G panels that we sell also work well for larger homes although DMP is tried and true and is a solid solution. You can also partition out different areas of the home or business so you can arm specific areas up separately like an art room or a gun room. THis way those areas are armed when the rest of your system is not. 

If you are comparing systems consider the XT50DNM-G or the XT30DMN-G with the 1100DH-W high power receiver.  There are several different types of keypads to consider such as the 7060 keypads or the 7070 which come with 4 zones on board or the 9862 wireless graphic touch screen or the 9060 wireless keypad. DMP also has the 7872 keypad that is touch screen although it is wired. This keypad also has a prox reader built in for keyless entry which is great for a gun storage room.  

Give Larry Love a call about a new DMP system for your home or business (801) 428 1384 

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