Qolsys Power G panel

Qolsys Dual Frequency power g panels in Utah

The Qolsys panel is now available with dual frequencies so you can take over a DSC system, 2GIG system or GE/Honeywell wireless. The panel comes in 319, 345 or 433 Mhz frequency as well as the power G which is in the 900 mHz range.

The power G sensors have up to 4 times the range without using a repeater although when a repeater is needed they also have one.

The power G is also encrypted

You can add a hardwired siren to this panel

Power G also has a keyfob arm/disarm with a status light which is very cool

For homes over 3000 SF this is a very good fit

If you want the benefits of Power G and also want to use the 2GIG trigger guard or the stove knob switches you can now do that by ordering the 2GIG frequency and you can put sensors from both systems on the same panel.