Steps to bid out a fire alarm project.

Steps when bidding out a fire alarm project in Utah

Unlike a commercial job Peak Alarm can come out and design a fire alarm or combination fire alarm security system to meet your needs without a fire marshal review.

Some insurance companies require that you monitor your fire sprinkler system and your smoke detectors.

Normal home smoke alarms are not normally monitored they just make noise and wake you up. Peak will install smoke detectors which will be tied to a 24 hour central station so your alarm system will be working 24/7 whether you arm it up or not.

Consider water sensors to detect flood conditions. Monitoring cost per month does not increase when you add more sensors.

Consider temperature sensors so if your home drops below 41 you will get an alert because if the pipes freeze they will often break when they warm up causing flooding.

Consider adding CO detectors that are tied to the alarm system because often people die in their sleep without waking up and with CO detectors we would dispatch the fire department right to your home.

We can install a professional wired or wireless system to your home or business. If it is a business read the article about getting fire alarm bids because there are more steps because there is a permit involved, plan reviews, CAD drawings and more.

You may have heard of the firefighter module that listens to the existing 120 Volt smoke detectors with the 9 volt battery backup or your other smoke detectors and then that module sends a signal to the security panel which in turn notifies the central station and they dispatch the fire department.

Peak Alarm has consulted with fire experts and management and decided it is a risk to use the firefighter module since we would need to rely on equipment installed by others. Also normal smoke detectors often false alarm with burnt food. If you place your alarm system smoke detectors correctly you can avoid false alarms and be more confident with their protection.

Please call (801) 428 1384 cell (801) 898 6003 with any questions or when you need a bid for fire alarm.