Do It yourself Camera Systems

You can buy a camera system from a big box store or off the internet or from a professional company that installs commercial grade camera systems.

  1. If you do this buy two systems so you will have spare parts when the equipment starts to fail. Most of these big box stores don’t install the systems they sell in their own store. I recently visited one of these big box stores and they have high end quality cameras installed in their own store.

  2. If you hire a professional to install the system you may end up paying them to come back when the cameras start to fail.

  3. If you decide to install the system yourself know that sometimes the system comes with enough cable and sometimes it does not. Get the proper tools so you can drill and mount the cameras properly. As you can see in the picture this camera was installed most likely by the owner and not professionally.

  4. Buy verifocal cameras instead of fixed for outdoor if you need to be able to adjust the view. Getting at least 2MP cameras is also recommended.

  5. if you pay $30 or $50 for a camera the LEDs go out after several months. If you hold a $200 or $300 dollar camera in one hand and the $30 dollar camera in the other hand you will see there is a big difference in quality.

  6. Much of the time if you pay $600 for a camera system online or at a big box store understand about half the cost is the recorder. Divide the balance by the amount of cameras and then you will see how much you are paying per camera.

  7. If you do order online or at a big box store don’t buy the least expensive system.

  8. Do some research on different brands to see what others are saying about how long they last and the quality.

  9. Some of the boxed systems don’t have universal connectors.

  10. Buying a camera system installed by Peak Alarm will give you peace of mind knowing that it is installed properly and that the equipment is of a higher quality.

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