Why model numbers are left off the paperwork

Why model numbers are left off the alarm paperwork

Normally Alarm Companies leave model numbers off their proposals or change the model numbers so they cannot be looked up meaning they make up their own numbers.

The reason for this is the company does not want you to shop their prices because it is fairly easy to shop around to beat the pricing when you are bidding model number to model number.

I can bid out using the model numbers that you have researched.

Remember that 4K residential camera systems are not the same class or quality as 4K commercial camera systems and the same applies to security.

What you can’t normally find when looking for the least expensive price is the following:

  1. Company reputation especially since Peak Alarm has been around since 1969

  2. Dependability - Many companies with the lowest price lack in many other areas including dependability.

  3. Honesty - Peak is a licensed, insured company with licensed techs, even the salespeople are all licensed and have been through FBI background checks.

  4. Peak Cars are on GPS Tracking for speed and location

  5. Peak is the only alarm company that also has a UL listed Central Station and a full service Guard and Patrol company.

  6. Peak started small and now has over 300 employees in 2 states: Idaho and Utah with offices in Boise, Idaho Falls, Salt Lake, Ogden and Saint George.

Pick two of the three: Best Price - Quality Equipment & Timely Installation