Expect the best without paying for it.

Can you expect the best without paying for it?

When you buy a car and only pay $2,000.00 you don’t get the highest quality nor the best performance. People that go to a car lot and ask how much a car costs is the same as someone asking how much a security system costs without doing the research and knowing what they want to purchase.

Low cost retread tires for trucks don’t last and can be dangerous.

When you buy an inferior low cost cell phone you don’t get the best features or service.

When you buy a parachute for a low price it may be the last parachute you will ever buy.

When you purchase the least expensive alarm system you cannot expect an alarm system that is encrypted, you cannot expect an alarm system that has extended range and extensive features.

Peak Alarm is not known for the least expensive alarm systems because Peak Alarm is known for quality and service.

Many companies claim to offer FREE equipment although you should know that you will pay now or later. Often those companies will have you pay more per month or sign a longer term contract or both.

Peak offers very fair monitoring prices including guard alarm response, cellular or radio communicators and excellent service.