Top ten or top five security companies

Understand that when you look at the TOP 10 or TOP 5 lists for Security Companies in your state that companies that are on those lists most of the time pay to be on those lists.

Much of the positive feedback on web sites is also paid for . Many Security companies offer gift cards to people that will write nice reviews.

Checking the Better Business Bureau web site is a better indicator because people with frivolous complaints normally don’t want their complaints investigated so they don’t report.

Two of our competitors have over 3000 complaints on the Better Business Bureau so be sure to check the BBB or any company you get pricing from because what happens is you get a great price and find out you have been mislead and then you are locked into a contract you did not understand. Often our competitors lock you in for 5 years instead of the normal 36 month agreement.

Many of our competitors have been sued in many states for their business practices.

All large companies will have complaints against them that is the nature of business but when you get into the thousands of complaints you need to be careful.

SDM is an industry magazine that does research of alarm companies all over the country and Peak Alarm in on that top 100 list. See link below. Peak Alarm does not pretend to be perfect although they are a great company.