One question at a time 6 Trinity

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There is still quite a bit of debate among many religions about the trinity. Are they all one person or three? Is the Holy Ghost just symbolic or is he a Spirit? Does Jesus have a body still after he was resurrected and actually ate food and had the apostles touch him? Is God the Father just a Spirit or does he have a resurrected body as well?

The Bible is clear that Jesus is the son of God and multiple times in the bible we read that Jesus as a young boy went to the temple to do the will of his father, he was baptised later on and clearly we read that Jesus was baptized and his father in heaven said this is my beloved son and the dove appeared to represent the holy ghost. Later on we read several times that Christ was teaching the things of his father, he prayed to his father in heaven the garden. With all of these experiences we see that Jesus was on earth and God in heaven. In John 17 we read that Jesus wanted his apostles to have the same relationship that he had with his father, he writes that he wants them to be one with him as he is one with the father. Not one in body but one in purpose. This pattern shows how things are that there is a relationship between father and son. Later we read that Christ became Lord of Lords king of kings taking on the calling and office that his father had once had. The Godhead is made up of three distinct beings, The Father the Son and the Holy Ghost who is a spirit. God the father has a body as does the son. Christ said in the Bible that he has followed the example of his father in everything including his death and resurretion. Christ followed the footsteps of his father in everything.

Moses saw God face to face Exodus chapter 33 verses 9 to 11 Steven saw Christ on the right hand of the Father Act chapter 7 verses 55 and 56

Man was created in God´s image Genesis chapter 1 verses 26 and 27

Christ is the son of the living God Matthew 16 verse 16

God is the father of our spirits Romans 8 verses 16 and 17 as well as Hebrews 12 verse 9

Jacob saw God face to face Genesis 32 verse 30

Jesus is in the express image of God Hebrews 1 verses 1 to 3

You will hear of Mormons and their belief that they can someday become like God. Many people say this is a false doctrine. That fact that God loves us so much to give us everything he has shows he wants us to progress. The Mormon doctrine in no way indicates that we would become as great or greater than God. Exodus 18 verse 11 and read Psalms 82 verse 6 and John 10 verses 34 to 38. When I say we could receive what God has we can read in Romans 8 verses 14 to 17. 1 Corinthians 8 verses 5 and 6

Christ spoke to God his father in many different occasions in the Bible and God even spoke indicating who his son was. This shows that God was in heaven and Christ was on earth and they are two different beings.

Matthew 3 verses 13 to 17 This is my beloved son Matthew 7 verse 21 while on the earth we should do the will of the father. Mark 1 verses 9 to 11 another reference of the baptism of Christ Luke 22 verse 42 is Jesus praying to his Father not to himself Luke 23 verse 46 Christ talking to his father John 3 verse 16 God sent his son John 5 verse 19 Christ did nothing but what he saw his father do. This shows the great pattern. John 20 verse 17 Jesus had not yet ascended to his father. This shows clearly that Christ was on earth and his father in heaven. Some religions put forth doctrine that this was symbolic and that Jesus and the father were the same person. As you read these scriptures pray and ask God about the relationship he has with his son. We are also his children and he loves each and every one of us and he will answer our prayers.