One question at a time 11 Purposes of LDS Church

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The purposes of the LDS Church promote education, improve lives, lift people, strengthen families and communities. The main purpose is the bring people to Christ.

Perfect the Saints or members of the church

The Church has many programs to help promote the betterment of mankind. The pathways program that promotes education, LDS Social Services to help with mental and social services, the emergency training and encourangement to have 96 hour kits and a year of food storage in case of emergencies. The Spiritual programs to help us become better fathers, mothers and children. The self reliance program teaching men to fish instead of giving them fish continues to help families throughout the world.

Share the Gospel

The LDS Church is a missionary church. Christ sent the apostles out two by two to share the gospel and there are over 80,000 mnissionaries in the world sharing the gospel and many of them are service missionaries that teach good health practices, brushing teeth, how to filter water and hand washing. The missionaries that are part of the planting and building programs also share the gospel through their service.

Redeem the dead

LDS Church members believe that many people who have died and never had an opportunity to hear the gospel may have the ordinances done for them vicariously in temples throughout the world. Baptisms for the dead are mentioned in 1 Cor chapter 15 verse 29.

Seek out the hungry and poor and assist them

Christ himself taught us to feed the hungry and clothe the naked. The welfare program of the church helps people provide service and receive food and help so they can be lifted up. By having them work they are not getting something for nothing but they feel dignity and value. Our service missionaries assist the poor even teaching them to read and write opening a whole new world for them. We are all God´s children members or non members. When an emegency happens anywhere in the world the LDS Church sends aid whenever possible. Millions of dollars are colleted in fast offerings from members that fast and donate money from the food they would have eaten. This money is then used to buy food for the poor. If someone is hungry it is difficult to listen to the gospel. Christ fed thousands during his ministry.