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Spiritual experiences should be treasured

Spiritual experiences should be tresured up and kept sacred

I could write about the miracles that I have seen which would not be appropriate since these experiences were given to us to help build our faith not to convience others or prove the church is true. Some people ask for signs which the Bible says we should not do. I have seen too many spiritual things in my life to ignore them. I could not deny these things and never would. Our family has seen and experienced things that cannot be explained with logic. Faith is believing in things which are not seen.

Faith in Christ is the only faith that has power to save. In the scriptures we read of angels coming to men and those men still not changing. Others are affected greatly by these visits. The Bible says in the last days that young people would dream dreams and have visions. This is happening. Miracles are restored and happening again. The members of the church are not to brag about these miracles nor talk lightly about them.

Some people look at these things as foolish. God knows and I know that God knows what I have seen and I cannot deny these things before him. Experiences with family members that have passed on has been a blessing in our lives.

I have been to several different Hospitals to give blessings of comfort and health, these blessings are done with the priesthood not with our own power. Bragging about these things would be taking the things of God lightly which we should not do. I can only say that someone that is part of the Church can have these sacred experiences when they strive to honor their priesthood. This blessing is a blessing that comes with time, with faith and striving to live the commandments.

I don´t consider myself any better than any other man. I do consider myself blessed to have the knowledge that there is life after death, to have the knowledge that we can return to live with God again, I am blessed to know that we can someday be like God and have the blessings promised in the Bible that we can have everything he has. When Christ told his Apostles in John 17 that he wanted them to be one with him like he was one with his father he did not mean in one body he meant one in purpose.

The scriptures are clear that God would continue to have apostles on the earth until we all came to the unity of the faith which has not happened yet. In Eph 4 we read about the prophets and apostles. The new testament is clear that all things would be restored which includes revelation, apostles, prophets, healing, the gift of understanding and speaking in other languages and the list goes on.

The Church has been restored with all of these things in the latter days. Many say that we have been tricked into believing these things and others have a very strong faith that this restoration really has taken place. The mormon culture is a strong culture and having grown up in the Mormon faith it is hard to leave it behind and not be affected by it. Some say that this is a type of brainwashing and others say it is only a positive influence that includes teachings and truth.

Proverbs 29 verse 18 where there is no vision the people perish Daniel 2 God reveals wisdom and knowledge and secrets Joel 2 verses 28 to 32 Sons and daughters would prophesy dream dreams and visions Amos 3 verse 7 God will do nothing but he revealeth his secrets unto his servants the prophets Matthew 7 verse 7 Ask and it shall be given you Acts 2 verses 17 and 18 In the last days God would pour out his spirit upon all flesh. Acts 3 verses 19 to 21 says that In the last days would come a restitution of all things which also includes revelation. May people say the heavens are closed but then how could our sons and daughters dream dreams and have visions and how could everything be restored without miracles and revelation_ God is the same yesterday, today and forever Hebrews 18 verse 8

Revelation 14 verses 6 and 7 The gospel would be revealed to the earth by an angel of God.