One question at a time 4 fruits

It helps to have honest professional people helping you with any project.

The Bible says by their fruits ye shall know them. I always say that fruit is already plural and you don't need the S but we will leave that to the English majors.

I look at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and see an organization of service, an organization that moves like a well oiled machine with all the different sections that move in tune and harmony. With special programs for the young men, young women, primary children, adults, women and men the church teaches self reliance, teaches it´s members to obey the law, to seek after good things and avoid the bad. The influence of the leaders helps people become better. It helps bad men become good and it helps good men become better. The reference to women is also implied here. The Relief Society is the oldest women´s organization of it´s type in the entire world. They focus on service and learning.

This Church assists us to become better, the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ teaches us to live the ten commandments. When we allow this Church affect us positively we can move forward. As I meet with people I strive to help them physically, emotionally, financially, spiritually and often people decide to change and lives are changed. Sure the Church has money although when you see how a large part of the money is spent you not only have your faith strengthened you have more hope. The Church teaches self reliance so giving men fish does not become the norm but teaching them to fish does. As a judge in Israel the Lord allows you to have a greater picture of the grand plan. I don´t seek to judge I seek to help and guide.

As I met with a young person that was in deep depression I was not only able to get them free professional help but I felt inspired to counsel them to do certain things that would help them in that moment. I do not have a degree in therapy yet I was receiving words in that very moment. I hesitate to share too many of these personal experiences although I will think about doing it by changing the names. When you can help someone have HOPE and realize that Jesus not only suffered for our sins but he suffered for our pain, our hurt, our mental suffering. He can console us he can help us live and heal emotionally and spiritually. As I sit here and write I ask that you overlook my grammatical errors and read the words and intent instead. I am far from perfect and I am grateful that I have an opportunity to serve in a small way. After serving for 3 years a Branch President is normally released and then given a different calling such as teaching a class which is fine with me. For now I am learning and able to help some of the members with several different types of problems where I have lots of resources at my disposal.