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Families are sealed together forever

Some say that we are only saved by Grace and that works don´t matter. I would look at the Bible to answer this and keep in mind that it should be in word and deed because a man or woman that claims to love God actually strives to do the will of God hence the works come naturally. It is true that we cannot earn our way to heaven because we are saved by the Grace of God. It is also true that faith without works is dead. James 2 veres 14 to 26 and in Revelation 20 verse 12 we learn that the dead are to be judged according to their works. Matthew 16 verse 27 explains that we will be rewarded according to our works. Romans 2 verse 13 says the doers of the law are justified. Philippins 2 verse 12 man is to work out his own salvation. James 1 verse 22 says we should be doers and not hearers only...

It comes down to a very simple and clear process that a man that truely loves God will try to be like him and try to do his will and follow his teachings. When we become like God the works will naturally follow. We can only be saved by grace and there is nothing we can do to earn our salvation although striving to do what is right and loving our fellowmen and God will put us in favor with God and he will listen to our prayers because we will know him. Christ will open his arms and recognize us when we love him. Christ himself said "If ye love me keep my commandments"