Doctor Peter C. Nielsen M.D. Salt Lake City

Review of Doctor Peter C. Nielsen M.D. at 324 10th Ave STE 100 SLC, UT 84104


Three years ago I had a colonoscopy from this doctor and recently his office sent me a letter saying I needed to be seen again. When they billed my insurance 3 years ago I ended up having to pay several hundred dollars because of the way the insurance got billed and the plan that I have. Rather than preventative I got billed as diagnostic or something of that nature so we had to pay a larger portion of the bill. Everything seemed to go well so I have no complaint with the Doctor or the medical procedure or how it was done. I do however take issue with their office procedures.

Last week I had a pre appointment for my colonoscopy. It is interesting because many people that I speak with say they make the appointment and don't have a pre appointment or consult appointment before having the procedure done. This is my second one so they are just checking to make sure everything is ok after waiting 3 years from the last colonoscopy.

I arrived exactly on time for the appointment at 3:45PM only to find out that the doctor was running way behind because of something that had happened in the morning at the hospital putting him behind all day. The desk could not tell me how long the wait would be and she had just explained to another group ahead of me that she did not know when he would be available. I had opera tickets that night and I could not stay very long although I was prepared to wait but the desk did not have any information as to how far behind he was.

My appointment card says right on the back that if I cannot make the appointment I need to call at least 24 hours ahead of time. So if the doctor expects this of us can he or his secretary not call us at least an hour before an appointment that he cannot make?

I had to take off work early for this appointment so if I take off for another pre-appointment consult and then another time for the actual procedure then I will end up taking off work 3 different days for this doctor. My time is valuable just like his is. I have 15 doctor or dental appointments for my family just this month alone.

I wrote the doctor a letter and I will be interested if he sends me a reply or not. The front desk said that 2 of the doctors at that location do not require a consult visit appointment like this doctor does but I would need a referral from my doctor to see one of those doctors.

When I called the office for directions to the appointment the girl told me the address was 324 10th ave and I asked her what East that was and she said they don't have an east but when I got up there looking for the building I found out it is on D street and 350 East and 10th Ave. So right on the signs it does have an East.

I am saying that this Doctor is a bad doctor because I understand emergencies and I also understand that a doctor office could get behind, What I don't understand is why they could not call me an hour before the appointment to let me know they were running behind.