The Prodigal Son Musical Salt Lake City 1400 W 700 South, SLC, Utah 84104

Don't miss this limited time engagement where neighbors came together to create something incredible.

This story teaches not only forgiveness but many other lessons

I will be playing the part of the Father which is a small part when compared to the part of the son played by Daniel Tuutau who is a professional opera vocalist. We have a full choir and a few instruments as well as some dancers and a great cast. Andres Paredes wrote all of the music for this production. Colleen McKnight is directing and the scenery was done by one of the neighbors that does this type of thing professionally. All of the materials and time have been donated. There will be no charge for admission so free is always good. There are no plans to extend the performances so this is a one time shot.

The musical will be done at an LDS Stake Center on 1400 West and 700 South in Salt Lake City. The Dates are May 10th and May 11th of 2013 The times are as follows: 7PM both nights and 3PM on Saturday. We would ask families with small children to plan on attending the 3PM performance on Saturday so we can try to keep the 7PM performances more reverent.

The musical is moving and also fun. The music has a bit of a Jewish feel. In fact one of the members of the Choir is Jewish and we had her consult with her contacts to make sure we would not be doing anything sacrilegious because our goal for this musical is to have this production touch the hearts of people with a message of love and forgiveness.

Don't miss The Prodigal Son Musical May 10th and 11th