IP DNS information for dummies

My five year old niece knows how to use an IPHONE and IPAD better than many adults do although her knowledge about what DNS, HTML, HTTP and subnet mask is limited and as she grows up that portion of the technology hopefully will become more hidden with time just as the old programing languages have with Windows.

DNS or Domain Name System keeps track of web addresses and IPs. So as an example in the security industry here is a simple practical use for a DNS SERVICE

If you buy a Static IP address from your internet service provider ISP then you can dial into your security system and even control the system with your IPHONE.

If you don't have a static IP address then it would be like having your phone number change every day, you could still dial out as can the security system but people would have a hard time calling you or you would have a hard time dialing into your system if the IP addresses changed all the time.

So you can get a DNS Service that keeps track of the changing or Dynamic IP addresses and forwards you to the new one each time.