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This module can send signals from your alarm panel over the Internet to the monitoring station

Is it stable to monitor your Security and Fire Alarms over the Internet?

The most common form of monitoring a security or fire alarm system is using traditional analog phone lines. On fire alarms you have 2 phonelines in case one fails and the systems dial a test every 24 hours. If your phone lines get cut or go down you may not know about an alarm on the weekend until it is too late.

When you monitor over the Internet the systems communicate every few minutes rather than once a day. If you have a communication failure your monitoring station can alert you much sooner than before.

The cost to upgrade is normally around $300 to $500 dollars but then you can cancel the two phone lines you were paying for which in many commercial cases ran over $600 per year.

In the next 5 years they will be changing all phone lines to digital rather than analog and the old dialers are not listed to work with digital lines so it is imperative for you to upgrade to Internet monitoring to avoid a break in service and also to save money on your phone lines. (CALL TO ACTION) Call us and we can come out and give you a free estimate on upgrading your system to communicate over your Internet using a Static IP address.

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