Positive thinking life karate and health

You become what you think about all day long. All of us have heard these type of statements and as we talk about the law of attraction we can see how thoughts affect us physically and emotionally. I always said that if this were true then teenage boys would become girls or a slice of pizza. Our thoughts stem from our environment. Seek good environments. When someone is in shock, we cover them with a blanket, raise their feet 6-10 inches and just having someone their to hold their hand especially if it is a family member really makes a difference in bringing them out of shock. Likewise a major change can occur in your life when you direct your thoughts properly.

What we see, hear and read determines what we think about and what we think about turns into our actions so we should be very picky about what we see, hear and read. My mother always asked me if what I was watching, listening to or reading was uplifting so it would direct my actions in a positive way.

Please that complain about something will normally get more of the same. If you complain about never having enough money you will get more of "NOT HAVING" any money.

What we SAY is a result of what we see, hear, read and THINK and after words come actions.

This morning we had this discussion in our Seikoshta class because breathing and meditation can really help your life in a positive way. We try to empty our mind of all distractions. In music TACET or lack of sound can be some of the most important parts of the music to make it beautiful. The rests or what comes between the notes really does matter. In life the same applies. Constantly being busy does not always make for a productive life. Take time out to REST, take time away from work to recharge and meditate.

We talked about how to sit with your spine straight for proper energy flow, we discussed how to breath in through your nose and how you can intake the most air by expanding your ribcage rather than lifting your chest. Breath in through your nose and then breath out through your mouth slowly taking long breaths and allowing time in between. Empty your mind of all your cares and take time just to breath properly. It is best to stretch before you meditate. Get rid of all distractions around you so you won't be interrupted. Sometimes I put on soft music and other times I meditate in the silence. There will always be sound so just be part of everything and of nothing.

There is another type of meditation where you can incorporate what you learn and go over it in your mind. Practice your Kata, practice your strikes, kicks and moves in your mind over and over. Years ago I did this to music and now when I hear those songs I remember the movements and the techniques.

Take time to listen, listen to nature, listen to what others say. It is a wise man or wise women that listens more than he or she talks. Seikoshta or Saykoshta means successful so listening can make your more successful. Take time to observe nature, observe others and take it all in.

Rather than saying "What a bad thing has happened" change your attitude and don't say it aloud or make a judgement that what has happened is bad because there is always a lesson to be learned within any experience. Speak positive words or don't speak. When the time comes to say something that may offend or be taken hard by others, think it through first and practice what you will say so you can say it effectively. Sometimes it is needed to offend others when you feel that it is for their good and that they may change. When you know they will not change it may be best to guard your words and not speak.

Take time to sing to dance and to love. Open your soul to love. Many of us have been hurt by those that practice a false love where they take and do not give, where they call something love that is not love. See the good around you, take more time to view the beauty in life and enjoy it. Appreciate art. Look at the face of an innocent child and see the art in life.

Most people do not take time to read and many times those that do spend their time reading fiction or those that spend their time reading non fiction to gain more knowledge don't take time to appreciate life. Back off from the norm and take time to smile, observe and listen. Enjoy the moment.

Stop worrying about money or lack of money. Change your attitude about life and what the purpose of life is for. Practice moderation. If you notice most people when they eat too much cheese will get flem because they did not practice moderation. When you drink too much not only does it bring pain and addiction but it can affect others around you. When you practice moderation the opposite occurs.

Always leave a place or person better than you found the place or person.

Start today to practice your listening rather than speaking. Start today to take time to enjoy the silence, rest and understand that what appears to be bad in your life may be a learning experience instead. Cease to be negative and say negative statements. Then you will notice a grand change in yourself and others.

Take time to observe