Bosch Radionics Security Parts Pricing from American Security & Fire, Inc.

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American Security & Fire, Inc. is a BCSD Bosch Certified dealer here in Salt Lake City. Prices will vary depending on the project and the date when you receive the quote so be sure to call for a current quote. (801) 263 6002 and our address is 110 West 2950 South in Salt Lake City, Utah 84115. Shipping would also need to be added to the order.

Examples of general costs for these items is exactly that an example so be sure to call for your current quotes. Since we are a dealer we offer the limited 3 year warranty which most times you will not get when you buy used or from some sites where the equipment may be "B" stock which many times is refurbished. It is also good to go over your equipment list with a professional because many times depending on your needs and facility you might need additional equipment.Programing is $77 per hour plus $62 per hour travel.

D7412GV4 board only without an enclosure is $252 D7412GV4-A is $338 D7412GV4-B is $400 D7412GV4-C is $300 D9412GV4 board only is $450 D9412GV4-A package is $533 D9412GV4-B package is $590 - The B package (Fire Alarm) D9412GV4-C package is $500 D1255 Keypad is $154 D1260 Keypad ATM style is $225 D1256 Keypad is a fire annunicator $154 D1265 is a virtual keypad - touchpad $300 D192G is $68 D263TH smoke is $38 - This is a 2 wire smoke D273TH four wire smoke is $40 D298S base is $29 - check if it is 12V or 24 V D278S (12V) D300A Duct Detector $170 call for tubes or remote test switches There is also a High Voltage version of this same duct detector D8125 Addressable loop module $70 D8125MUX $63 D9127U without tamper (Popit)$25 D9127T with tamper switch $29 D8129 Octorelay $100 B308 SDI2 module for Octo relay $100 D8128D Octo Input module $91 B208 SDI2 Octo Input module $91 D9210B $197 D928 dual line dialer $71 B420 Internet monitoring module $209 D7044 Monitor module for D7024 panel $31 D7050 Smoke head for D7024 panel $50

These prices should give you an idea of pricing for your project. Understand that when you put a project out to bid depending on the specifications the pricing may go up or down. We have been called in to fix many a job where the low bidder did not do the work or programing correctly and we as a BCSD Certified Bosch dealer went in to fix other peoples mistakes.