So you need occupancy what's next? PEAK ALARM

Fire Alarms are a very important part of the occupancy inspection

Each area is different so contact a local Fire Alarm Company to help you do an analysis on your new building.

If you have just leased or purchased a new office building be aware that the AHJ Fire Marshal will need to inspect the building to make sure it meets code before occupancy.

You will need fire extinguishers in the proper places The Fire Alarm will need to be monitored in most cases You will need 2 analog phone lines for the fire panel If you monitor off the Internet you may need a static IP address Radio and or High Supervision Cellular are other options You will need a smoke detector installed at the Fire Alarm Panel The Flow and Tamper switches need to be tied to the FACP Depending on the building Horn/Strobes in egress areas You will need at least one emergency pull station Most of the time you will need strobes or minis in restrooms If there is an elevator there are additional requirements You will need a current green tag on your fire alarm You will need a current green tag on your sprinkler system These tags require different certifications You will need a current Fire Alarm inspection NFPA 72 report

If you are adding office areas or making changes you will need to pull a permit to do so and if the Fire Alarm will need changes and additions then you will need to do the following:

1. Submit Plans (3 sets) to the City with the Fire Alarm including cut sheets, voltage line drop calculations, battery calculations to make sure you have enough battery power to run the system for 5 min after the power has been off for 24 hours. A Fire Alarm contractor can help you with these submittals.

2. There is a permit fee that has to be paid depending on the work that needs to be done.

3. If your building is not up to code many times the AHJ Fire Marshal will require that you bring it up to code at the time of remodel so it is smart to meet with him or her to go over these items.

4. The Fire Marshal will then come and do a test. The power to the Fire Alarm will need to be shut off 24 hours before the test and then when the alarm is set off the Horn/Strobes need to function for at least 5 min. (Longer in buildings over 75 feet high) The Fire Marshal may want to be there when the power is shut off as well.

Each city is a bit different and some AHJ Fire Marshals require that you have a PE stamp on the drawings. PE (Professional Engineer) It is prudent to have the plans reviewed by a Fire Alarm Professional as well since that is what we do on a daily basis.

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