Plenum wire for fire alarm

Plenum wire needs to be used when you run wire in plenum spaces Security and Fire Hints


Plenum wire costs more than normal wire. If you need us to bid using plenum wire please let us know.

Plenum wire doe not put off as much toxic fumes as normal wire does when the wire is burning. Plenum wire also meets all the criteria of riser wire so it will also hold it's own weight in a shaft.

Plenum wire is needed when you install wire in a plenum space.

If you have specific air ducts that transfer the air within your building normally the wire would not need to plenum except sometimes electrical engineers or the owner may require it.

If you don't have specific air ducts that transfer the air but if the air is moved about say above the drop tile ceiling without duct work then this may be a plenum area.

Fire Alarm wire/cable is normally solid cable. 14 gauge 2 conductor is normally used for Horn/Strobes and 18 gauge wire is normally used for smoke detectors, flow switches, tamper switches, pull stations, PIV tie ins etc... Some of the systems require 4 conductor (2 wires for power and 2 wires for data) other systems power the smokes over a 2 conductor cable.

FPLP is Fire Alarm wire/cable that is plenum

FPLR is Fire Alarm wire/cable that is meant to be used if you are pulling wire between floors or in a building where there are more than one level. This wire will hold it's own weight in a shaft. This cable or wire is used when running wire in between floors and it is best to use this throughout when installing an alarm in a multilevel building.

FPL is Fire Alarm wire/cable used in NON PLENUM areas with one level. Normally this wire is RED although you can buy white FPL

Normally you don't install more than 8 Horn/strobes per circuit unless your power supply is large enough and your fire alarm contractor will also do voltage line drop calculations to make sure you will get enough current at the last appliance depending on how long your runs are. Contact Larry@PeakAlarm for more information or call 801 428 1384 Peak Alarm has been in business for over 45 years and has an A+ rating with the BBB and does not run credit checks. Peak Alarm is one of the best alarm companies in Utah.