Have spare parts on hand order ahead of time

Be Prudent and order a extra one or two parts:

Having spare parts is important when accidents happen.


Above you will find our facebook page and helpful hints about commercial security and fire alarm systems. Take a few minutes to review these items especially if you are a loss prevention or rick officer in your company.

Just the other day we got a call from a customer needing some parts and we got them ordered. The door holders arrived but the extensions take several business days to come since they are special order.

On some items it is good to plan ahead because of matters like this. Sometimes it is prudent to order extra parts and have them on hand.

If you know that specific door holders, door contacts or keypads get damaged then order some to have on hand so when the forklift damages a contact you can replace it on the same day.

It is also wise to have metal guards installed so the forklift will be less likely to damage other equipment.

Some companies will even order certain things off of Ebay and other sites although care should be taken when doing this because many of our manufacturers such as Bosch offer a warranty and most of the time that does not apply when you buy parts off of certain web sites and sometimes you end up getting refurbished or B stock.

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