What is the difference between UL listed approved or accepted?

What is the difference between UL listed, approved and accepted?

Learn the difference in terms LISTED, APPROVED and ACCEPTED. If you have feedback or additional information we appreciate corrections and additions.

1. A device is UL APPROVED when UL certifies that the device when used according to manufacturers instructions is safe.

That is why the manufacturers instructions exhort us not to use the hair dryer in the shower. In addition to the instructions, the dryer manufacturers were required to install GFI on the power cord in case THE CUSTOMER DID NOT PAY ATTENTION TO THE MANUFACTURERS INSTRUCTIONS. (Manufacturers instruction sheets are PART OF the listing...)

2. A device is UL LISTED when it has been included in a LIST of items that are acceptable to UL for a SPECIFIC PURPOSE.

(Ul will classify alarm panels as to their LISTED USE as Commercial or Residential, Fire or Burglary. UL also lists the devices that may be INTERCONNECTED with the LISTED devices in a system. For example:

Understanding complicated UL words

A Honeywell Vista 21IP panel is UL LISTED for Residential BURG or FIRE but only for COMMERCIAL BURG.

BOSCH PIR detectors are LISTED for the purpose of BURGLARY DETECTION. SYSTEM SENSOR smoke detectors are LISTED for the purpose of residential or commercial FIRE DETECTION with a LIST of panels.. UL has LISTED The Honeywell Vista 128FB for COMBINATION BURGLARY and FIRE in COMMERCIAL installations.

3. ACCEPTED means that the device has been ACCEPTED for the purpose for which it was MANUFACTURED.

UL has LISTED the vista 128FB for use in Residential or commercial BURGLARY AND FIRE SYSTEMS.

NYC Fire Marshals office REFUSES to accept combination panels. California Fire Marshals ACCEPTED the combination panels. So different AHJ "Authorities having Jurisdiction" can accept or reject these type of things.

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