Tow the line politically

voting straight party

I received a call from one of the local republican chairmen last night thanking me for being a delegate. The topic came up about voting and I told him that I had not voted a straight ticket and he expressed displeasure that some people in the party are turncoats. I explained that I vote for the person not just the party and that I had researched the candidates and in the cases where I voted for other candidates from other parties I felt they were the better choice for the community. I explained to him that I had attended local debates and met the candidates and I had even had the chance to sit down and discuss issues with them as well. I also told him that I felt bad that the republican party had moved away from some of the family values in the platform. I know that not all of the republicans have moved away from these values although when you include the right wing extremists in the party you can actually feel the hate for the undocumented and gays. I have a delegate a few times now and we had a scout group that attended the conventions with their leaders and those scouts actually told us they did not like the Republican convention because of the hateful things they heard while in attendance. This is sad. Republicans typically seem more religious in some areas although by attending recent conventions the non christian redoric is blatant and disappointing. Personally the extreemists whether left or right seem to have issues working with each other on reasonable solutions.