Don't look back your not going that way.

Move forward in life only using the past as a reference point of what we have learned so we don't make the same mistakes again.

Last week I went to meet the parents of Gabriela because my daughter wanted to spend the night at their home and we don't allow that very often and only after we meet the family. Upon entering their home I felt it was a very calm and peaceful home. I saw books lining up two sides of the walls and lots of plants and a wonderful smell of Polish cooking. The mom had been watching a Hispanic Novela (Soap). I could tell they do more reading than watching TV and her mother had been watching the soap in order to improve her Spanish because they have family in Peru. They have two dogs that are incredibly smart and fun. She told one of the dogs to go get the snake toy and she explained he had just got it a few days ago but the dog went into the other room and came out with the snake toy. The mother is a professor of Political Science at the U of U and her father commutes and teaches in New Orleans. I spent time speaking with both the father and the mother and found them to be very intelligent, welcoming and accepting. The daughter seems to be following her parent example. According to my daughter Gabby is super smart and has great goals in life. The parents have given Gabriela the tools she needs to be successful in life.