Cause and effect with balance Saykoshta Seikoshta

Learning about jobs in Guatemala. They work in the rain, heat and 6 days a week for about $60 to  $200 per month

Today in class we explored balance and spoke about cause and effect and how it can affect you. Too much cheese and milk for example when you are sick can cause an over production of mucus (snot) and yet our bodies need a certain amount of mucus. My wife tested low for vitamin D part of the reason is she does not get enough sun nor does she drink much milk although there are other sources of vitamin D. If your body produces too much or to little insulin the unbalance can cause problems even death. The intake of too much sugar or too little can affect you.

Too much of anything can be bad or detrimental . If your body gets too cold or too hot you can die. If you get too skinny or if you are overweight then your health will suffer. If you get too much or too little exercise your body can have issues so you need a balance. Moderation in all things. We then went over some of the ways you can breath and discussed meditation and self talk. When you talk to yourself don't say things like "I am skinny" many times your mind will pick up on a lie before you say it. Rather say something like this "Why am I so healthy?" Your mind will work on why questions and look for answers all day long whereas just a positive statement does not give your mind anything to solve especially if it is not true.

One method of breathing is to sit with your legs crossed, your spine straight and rather than breathing in so your chest goes up in the air (your lungs to not completely fill up this way and same with singing) simply put your hands on the side of your ribs and breath in through your nose and you will feel your rib-cage expand hence you will fill up more of the lungs this way and when they are full hold the breath in for a few seconds then let your breath out when your chest is in the up position and then repeat. You can take yoga and many instructors will teach stretches and some of them will teach different breathing methods.

As you breath strive to empty your mind and concentrate on your breathing. As time goes on you can connect or associate your medication with music and then when you hear that music the meditation thoughts will flood back to you on your self talk. I did this over 30 years ago and when I hear that music I have all my Karate moves come back to my mind. Problem is much of that music was from the 1970s.

You become what you think about all day long so think positive thoughts. It is a wonder that young boys don't turn into young girls is the joke about that saying. Whatever you concentrate on will increase. If you concentrate on problems you will get more of them so change your attitude and stop complaining.

We went over how when someone does something to you, you have the ability to react in different ways. You don't have to get angry, you decide to get angry. Change your thoughts and change your reactions to things people do or say. You don't have to let anyone walk all over you but then again you don't need to allow someone to make you upset. Ulcers many times are caused by stress and worrying yet doctors treat the symptoms rather than the cause. With meditation you can increase the blood flow to your entire body. Include stretches in this routine as well.

We also spoke about putting a colored dot by your door and touching it with the tip of your finger each day and then in a few weeks change the position of the dot. As time goes on you will be able to touch a small dot with the tip of your finger quite easily with good aim. Your fingers should be close together and all of them should be slightly bent and you can touch by shooting your hand straight out or with swiping to the sides. It would be best to see this done but we went over soft blocks and reactions to eye jabs and how a poke in the eye can end a conflict quite quickly although to the younger students we spoke about how this move should never be used in school.

We had a great lesson today and practiced the soft blocks with checks as a setup for additional moves.