Greed lust ignorance vengance lead to suffering

A lasting connection

Greed,lust,wicked desires,unclean infatuation, ignorance,an unforgiving attitude,ungratefulness,desires for vengeance are all sins that start in the mind and when cultivated turn to actions that lead to more serious sin and suffering. Avoid these attitudes and sins and all things that lead you in that direction.

To cleanse and purify your mind is the chief and the body is the servant and the consciousness is the controller.

It may be better put to word the paragraph in this manner instead.

Strive to be a grateful person that is open to new understanding and learning, being teachable and forgiving. Move your life in a direction of love and selflessness without letting people take advantage of you. Be faithful to your partners, spouse and family telling the truth and leading by example never asking others to do what you are not willing to do. Treat others as you would like to be treated. Do not enable others with your generosity but rather help them to learn how to help themselves. To be satisfied with what you have currently is not the same as someone without goals in the future that looks towards a better life but rather someone that places more of an importance on people than on things. Discuss concepts, waste less time on activities that are not productive. Read more, hug more, smile more and spend less on yourself. Always spend less than you make and love more than you need to.