April is Dental and Medical Month for our family

Fun to watch

This month we have 12 appointments scheduled just for Medical and Dental with our family. I had a dental appointment, Michelle had a dental appointment, Josh has a dental appointment, the dog has a spay appointment and vaccinations, my wife had 2 doctor appointments and a dentist appointment and my youngest son had 3 doctor appointments for his hand, one orthodontist appointment and one dental appointment. This adds up to 12 appointments.

Even with 3 of our five kids out of the house right now life is still very busy and full. I will be in a May musical so I have been growing my beard and hair long and I have practices 3 to 4 times a week and I still work a full time job and two part time jobs as work arises.

I am thankful for an understanding boss that allows me the time I need to take care of all of these items. I try to schedule most of them before or after work but that just can't be done most of the time. My son needed a growth removed and we had to go to a normal doctor then a specialist 3 more times to get it taken care of.

My wife needed a procedure done and we had to go to the regular doctor and get a referral to another specialist and they gave us a referral to yet another doctor and they would not do the procedure until they saw her and had a consultation, hence more and more appointments. The consultation was suppose to explain the procedure to make sure it was needed and yet they just want to bill the insurance more and more and we have a 3000 dollar deductible so the bills are coming back to us each time.

When we are involved in anything it becomes the center of our attention and we feel that it is important. We have to remember that others also have similar circumstances where they are involved in activities as well and they consider them to be important. When a doctor wants to meet to discuss a procedure that another doctor recommended it is frustrating because with 11 other appointments this month we don't seem to have any free time to relax.