What is a PAMBAZO? What is MOLCAJETE?

Mexican sandwich New experience

Mexican Pambazos are one of the foods that have not been promoted much here in the USA. They are incredible sandwiches made with various ingredients. They different from place to place but most of the time the bread has been dunked in chile, then fried and they add potatos and sometimes meat such as fried steak (carne asada) these are my favorite ones so I ask for a PAMBAZO with Carne Asada. At the Gozales Market in Salt Lake City on about 1200 South and Redwood road in their inside deli you will find a new eating experience in Mexican food. Many times they will also include fresh Mexican white cheese and lettuce as well. Sometimes the sandwiches are a bit spicy so if you are a wimp then it may not be for you.

Mexican food that most Americans are familiar with is really not Mexican. Enchiladas made with yellow cheese or Tacos in the hard shell or burritos are not your typical Mexican dishes.

Another great place to try here in Salt Lake City is Paisa Grill and you need to order the Molcajete 2126 South 3200 West (West Valley City) Go on a Friday night and enjoy live music as well. Molcajete is another great Mexican food that many people have never tried. It is normally served in a stone container that is very very hot and the food comes out sizzling. You can order it with different meat or a mixture of meat and seafood and the cost is about $25 dollars but it normally feeds two people unless you are with me and then I make you get your own.

Try this Mexican Dish and you will get hooked.

Warning: If you go to these two places you may want to return and take your friends so if you cannot afford to do so then stay away from these new eating experiences.