"Conflict cannot survive without your participation in it." ~Wayne Dyer

"Conflict cannot survive without your participation in it."~Wayne Dyer

Doves are the symbol of peace

Others will point out that when you follow this statement or advice that you will get walked over by those that would take advantage of you. They will tell you that you must learn to be assertive and stand up for yourself. There is a middle ground and there are ways of dealing with mean, rude or even evil people without using violence. Wayne is pointing out a very good point and with each situation you should decide if it is a conflict that is worth getting involved in or not. If not then don't waste your time with it. Ask yourself is it worth getting arrested for? If the answer is no then that will help you decide what path to take. Is it worth losing a friend over? If the answer is no then don't participate in the conflict. If your friend is involved in something that they should not be doing then it may be worth standing up and letting them know how you feel and you may not end up in that relationship any longer after the conflict but that may end up being a good thing considering that you become like the people you hand out with.

protesting causes conflict which may be needed