Strange Spam and undesired links and comments

I have had over 20,000 comments so far and all of them but 20 have been Spam mostly about drugs and trying to sell them or porn. The recent article that talks large percentages of emails, comments and advertizing being spam makes it very clear that much of it is generated by computers and sent out like the plague. I thought by writing a blog I would get some readers that would start following what I wrote and eventually that might be the case. This blog is where I will direct many of those comments or in the case of the redirection where so called broken links or so called misdirected blog addresses appear I can send them here although since they are generated by a computer most likely no one will ever be directed here but a computer. The bots have been visiting my site and some misdirections have come from them and others appear to be someone trying to hack my blog which seems very unproductive to me since this is such an unknown site.