Political perception becomes reality

People often listen to what they hear on the radio or TV and assume it must be true. Often they only get one side of the story and then they are able to repeat back to others that opinion or those specific facts and by not including the rest of the facts they are indeed cheating themselves although many people don't really want to know the rest of the facts because they are happy in their own little world of how they think and they really won't consider the thoughts or ideas from someone else. Many topics are not so simple that you can state a clear outline without presenting detailed analysis.

A good example of this would be why teachers in Utah don't make more money and why we spend so much less per student than most states do.

Quite of bit of the education budget comes from property taxes and other taxes on both individuals and businesses. Some states that have gambling collect enough taxes from a lottery for their entire education budget.

Some people will give a quick answer which is not necessarily wrong by explaining that over 50% of the land in Utah is owned by the Federal Government and because of that we cannot charge (Tax) businesses which otherwise would be taxed so our tax revenue is much lower than most states hence the lower salaries and lower amount spent per student because Utah cannot bring in as much money as other states can.

Each issue in politics normally has more than 2 sides so often people will stick with their normal political position and they won't budge although last week I heard an interview where a women studies major explained that even though she did not agree with Mitt Romney on many points she felt that the most important thing facing the Nation today is the economy hence she will vote for Mitt because she feels he is more capable of solving these issues. She also pointed out that though she disagrees with Mitt on issues such as abortion that even if he wins he won't be able to take a woman's right away to have an abortion so she feels it is a non issue.

Another woman spoke up and told her that settling on a president for one issue is not wise because that president often can appoint supreme court justices and affect many things without having the deal with congress. Executive orders and other routes can be far reaching so sticking with your party is best.

Another man explained that he does not feel he is throwing his vote away by voting for Ron Paul. He wants to send a message yet it seems very clear that by voting for Ron Paul that is one less vote for Mitt Romney or really one more vote for Obama and this conservative man does not seem to understand that simple concept so he is actually voting for almost the polar opposite of his values in many ways just by voting his conscience when he votes for a non viable candidate.

Republicans and Democrats try and tell you that their priorities are the economy and education yet both parties mislead you in specific areas and quote separate numbers to prove their points.

Another good example of this is Hispanic Voters feel overall that Obama represents their Interests better than Mitt Romney yet President Obama has deported more people than any other President and President Obama promised to address immigration reform yet he has done nothing except pass a temporary plan that is one way to get votes quick. President Obama for his first 2 years had the house and the senate and could have worked to pass immigration reform yet he did not. He claimed he was too busy with other issues such as the war and the economy. So voters have to decide to stay with President Obama or go with Mitt Romney many Hispanic voters are upset with President Obama yet they don't feel Mitt would do any better in fact they feel he would do less or possibly pass laws that would hurt undocumented workers.

Now the perception of Mitt Romney not being a Christian should be addressed at least briefly. If enough Christians think that Mitt Romney does not believe in Christ does that make it true even if it is not true? Well my implication says perception is reality so in a sense the answer is yes. Even though Mitt's religious values are centered in Jesus Christ, he belongs to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and partakes of a sacrament of Bread and water each week that has been blessed in the name of Jesus Christ and he reads the Bible and teaches his children about Christ and all his prayers end in the Name of Jesus Christ many Christians feel that Mormons are not Christian so they have decided to not vote for him. That is their right and perceptions do matter even when those perceptions are incorrect.