Spanish profanity for law enforcement

WARNING: I put this warning on this material because it contains profanity. I personally try to avoid using such words and I encourage my children not to use these words and stress that those that do almost always end up making less money on average than those that don't swear. Some would argue this position depending on your job. In our youth many times we swear to gain acceptance of our peers and later most of us realize how silly that really was. Many people swear because that is how they were brought up and that is their way of life and without it they may not be as powerful or as noticed or they may not fit in when they don't swear.

When I see an interest for this product I will consider other MP3 files in different areas.

Policemen, Firefighters and medical personal have a great need to understand Spanish and having an overall knowledge of the swear words will help you in your job. This product is an MP3 file and can be purchased at click on learn Spanish and the MP3 file is Spanish profanity.