Handmade custom stone rosaries

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We have not been marketing these rosaries very actively yet. The quality is great, the rosaries are beautiful and we just took pictures of them and recently put them up on the web site at discounted prices. We hand pick the stones when we go to the gem shows and then we take time putting them together. This is how we figure the prices:

Cross $3 (Depends which one is used)

Center piece $2

Stones 53 for the prayers (five sets of 10 and 3 on the bottom) $8

Stone or metal or crystal main pieces - larger stones (6)  $3

Metal spacers or other material 60+ $3

Crimps 3 - $1.50 (.50 cents each)

Special nylon covered multi-strand cable $1.50  (.75 per foot)

Just the materials for each rosaries come up to $22 dollars

It takes about 40 minutes to put a Rosary together and sometimes an hour. Many times it takes 15 or 20 minutes to design one so the average time spent on each is about 1 hour not including taking the picture and writing the description for the web site.  Adding $15 dollars for labor the total price for a rosary comes up to $37 using quality materials.

Total price for each rosary should be $37 with materials and labor

When you view the rosaries at www.larryloveutah.com click on the picture of rosaries on the side of the page or click on additional products then rosaries.

Currently I am designing a special rosary for someone and I will present it to them as a gift. I have been debating the exact stones for quite some time because of who the person is and what they represent.